Exterior - 05/12/06 SnowFlake Rims

^These rims where on the car when I bought it, however they are incorrect. These rims are off the next generation of firebirds.

^I acquired these rims off Ebay for 130 bucks. Three were originals and 1 was an old reproduction. The paint one these are terrible but they only have minor dings and nicks on the lips.    

^ Years of brake dust and dirt.

^ The first thing I did was to power wash everything that was loose off.

^ This is a clean power washed rim.

^ This is a rim after sand blasting. Everything that was supposed to be shinny was dulled due to the sandblasting so I took 300 grit sandpaper and went over those areas. I would later use a buffing wheel and aluminum polish on those areas.

^ After i was done polishing I painstakingly masked all the shiny areas and sprayed the rims gold. I then removed the masking and coated all of the rim with many layers of clear coat.

^ A finished refurbished snowflake rim.

^ I ordered new BF GoodRich Radial T/As from tirerack.com and had them put on my rims.

^ The fresh rims really add to the exterior of the car.

^ If you see me going down the road...wave! and then I will give you odd looks.

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