Interior - 12/27/06 Dash rebuild Part 2 - Assembly

^The cowl, top of the dash, and windshield surround has been cleaned and repainted.

^For cost reasons I went with a dash cap that just goes over your old dash. You dont have to take the dash out of the car to do this but I wanted the best posssible job.

^ The radio hole had already been cut to fit a modern radio, I made my own mounting plate becuase an orginal radio bezel couldnt be located in time.

^ I never liked the way the handles looked on these cars so I didnt put it back on. I bought a few factory black glove box door off ebay. I used the best parts of them to make one glove box door that was super nice. Even the chrome on the vent is nice.

^ The finished product. I had a fresh windshield installed and I bought a refurbished black steering wheel to really make the inside pop.

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