Mechanical - 0004 Shaker

The car originally came with a Pontiac 301 motor. When that motor was replaced by the previous owner with a Chevy 350 the air cleaner / shaker assembly was no doubt no longer able to fit under the hood. They then bolted the shaker to the hood...lame.


^ Shaker bolted to the hood....

^ My brother and I crafted a new air cleaner / shaker assembly from junkyard air cleaners. We took bits and parts from 3 different air cleaners and welded the assembly together.

^ The shaker now attaches to the base assembly with 3 clasps. The Air cleaner snorkel was placed on the passenger side so it wouldn't interfere with the Camaro AC compressor. (Shaker before re-painting)

^ But while we were at it I bought a ram air door kit.


^ Close up shot of the actuator and door.

^ This is the Shaker after a new coat of paint. The new door opens when at full throttle.

^Painted shaker.

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