Mechanical - 0005 Engine Clean up and AC Setup

The car originally came with a Pontiac 301 motor. When that motor was replaced by the previous owner with a Chevy 350 the AC Setup was thrown away.


^ Time to clean up this mess...

^ Notice battery is on the passenger side. Correct for a 350 but I will be moving it back to the driver side.

^ Radiator and fan removed. Inner fenders clean up.


^ I striped the AC system out of a Chey Camaro with a 350. Here it is being test fitted before I take things apart to paint things.

^ Stripped down, Getting ready for paint.

^Some numbers on the block.

^GM blue. Forgive the overspray in a few months I will be replacing the heads and all steering components.

^The Shaker hole is great for head room.

^All back together and starting to look presentable. The AC system is assembled but not charged.


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