M0009 Top End Rebuild Part 2

So coming home one night, my TA started overheating and was smoking from antifreeze leaking all over my exhaust manifold. I had blown a head gasket on the passenger side.

If I was going to go through all the work to replace the head gasket I figured I might as well upgrade the top end while I was doing it.

This post is shows most of the disassembly minus removing the heads.

^ Radiator and alternator out.


^ Sans-Fan

^ All front accessories off.

^Carb off.

^ Sometimes taking off the intake can be tough. Try sticking a screwdriver the front of the intake and the front of the block and pry it off (Gently).


^ New and old.


^Valve covers off.


^ Pushrods, rocker arms, lifters out.

^ Exhaust manifolds off.



^Most everything that I have taken off so far.

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