M0010 Top End Rebuild Part 3

So coming home one night, my TA started overheating and was smoking from antifreeze leaking all over my exhaust manifold. I had blown a head gasket on the passenger side.

If I was going to go through all the work to replace the head gasket I figured I might as well upgrade the top end while I was doing it.

This post is shows the removal the the old heads and the installation of the new heads, cam, and water pump.

^ About to take off the heads.

^ My brother taking off the head that had the blown head gasket.

^ The far left cylinder was where the head gasket was compromised.

^ The head that had the blown head gasket. Far right was the cylinder where the head gasket was compromised.


^ Old and new.

^ The other side. The anti-freeze is what leaked out of the head when we took it off.




^ A view you can only get with a car with a shaker.

^ Chasing threads to get all the gunk out.

^ Gasket surface cleaned up.


^My brother putting on the pass. head.


^ Torquing them down to spec.


^ The Intake is just sitting on top for effect...Not bolted down yet.


^Removing the old timing chain.

^ Out comes the old cam.


^Front of block cleaned and painted, also new cam and new "Zoom" brand timing chain in.


^ Stripping down the old timing chain cover.

^Putting the fron back together with a new water pump and ARP bolts. everything painted to match.

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