Mechanical - 11/18/5 Whats that smell? Gas! Part 1

I had the car to an exhaust shop to put a new system on the car. The exhaust guy refused to weld the pipes at the rear of the car due to a very strong smell of gasoline. When I arrived at home I investigated and found that at one time there was a stereo amp mounted in the trunk. The installer drilled holes in the trunk to mount the amp and drilled right into the gas tank. At some point the amp was removed and the holes where free to weep gas.

^ I dropped the tank from the car. You can see years of Arizona dust dirt caked on the tank.

^ Thats not rust but just crazy dirt!

^ Hole number one. You can see where it was weeping. 

^ Hole number two.

^ The tank cleaned up a bit.  

^ A smig of rust but not bad at all.

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